The demand for vegetarian and vegan food rises

by Dajana Komp

The “Beyond Beef Burger” (photo by Malakai Wade)

In April 2019 Boltens Foodcourt in Copenhagen opened its doors. At the same time Rasmus Bork and his partner started their vegan burger restaurant Two Monkeys on the ground floor of the place. Both of them have lived a vegan lifestyle for several years.

“That started – I think – eight years ago and the demand was way different than it is now, so it has definitely gone up,” Bork describes the rising demand for vegan food options in Copenhagen. Not only in Copenhagen but in many cities across Europe vegetarian and vegan restaurants have become more common, which Bork also sees as a consequence of the rising demand.

The idea behind the vegan burger restaurant is fairly simple but just as smart: Satisfying people’s burger cravings with a healthy option that does not support industrial livestock farming or create negative climate emissions.

“It has become much more normal for […] even people that are not necessarily vegetarian or vegan to want to at least try vegan food or vegetarian food,” concludes Bork.

The Boltens Foodcourt main entrance (photo by Dajana Komp)
The outside area of Boltens Foodcourt (photo by Dajana Komp)

This story is written for an audience from different countries, who come and visit Copenhagen or who are interested in vegetarian food.