Denmark is one of the top countries to start a business

by Dajana Komp

Denmark provides a solid basis to raise a start up, especially in the food sector. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark created a webpage with seven reasons why investing in this field is a worthwhile step for entrepreneurs.

Rasmus Bork, co-founder of Two Monkeys Copenhagen, said: “Denmark ranks as one of the top countries to start a business.” He and his partner are founders of a food business in Copenhagen, even though they lack a background on how to run a business before they started. Bork emphasized it is important to make the business efficient in order to succeed. This includes all the processes from accounting to the production of the food.

Furthermore, it is crucial to meet the expectations of the audience but also to have a clear position. “Stand strong in what type of business you are and what your message is,” Bork pointed out. “There are so many subcultures or sub-opinions on what is the best way to do it.” Therefore business owners should clearly express their position and explain why their business is run in a certain way.

This story is written for an audience interested in business issues worldwide and maybe looking for interesting options to start or invest in a business.