22-year old Danish anti-IS fighter faces six months in jail

Copenhagen City Court where the trial took place on Monday. Foto: Emma Sennels

by Emma Sennels

Six months in jail with the possibility of foot shackle is what a young Danish man faces after having fought with the YPG(a mainly-Kurdish militia in Syria). 

According to the indictment which Danish newspaper Jydske Vestkysten received access to, the 22-year old trained with the YPG between September 2017 and January of 2018. He now has two weeks to appeal.

In 2016 the parliament passed a bill which made it possible to impose travel bans in certain parts of the world, where terrorist organisations are part of an armed conflict. Areas include Syria and Iraq, where entry can be granted by the Danish Police, according to the Department of Justice

A similar trial took place in 2018, when Tommy Mørck was sentenced to six months in jail for fighting in the offensive to take Raqqa from IS. He was convicted of the travel ban.