Meteorite (exhibition) Strikes Copenhagen!

Agpalilik with the Geological Museum behind it.

By Cameron Taylor

“Not a lot of people know about [meteorites]” said Mathias Møller, a laboratory assistant at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Denmark and meteors

The museum’s geological branch welcomed a new exhibit on 5 September – ‘Meteorites – A Journey Through Time and Space’. The museum hopes the new exhibition will help teach public about these space rocks and their importance. 

“The solar system is [approximately] 4.567 billion years [old]” thanks to research by the museum Mathias explained.

The museum is currently host to Agpalilik – one the largest meteorites ever in a museum collection. It was found in Greenland in 1963. Mathias additionally explained that the museum “also made a new discovery of a new crater on Greenland” last year.

What about the adults?

“We are to hoping to engage more of the adults in general” Mathias said. “The zoological museum is very child friendly”.

The museum hopes all ages group can get something out of the exhibit. There are videos, rocks from the moon and mars to touch and even a virtual reality game.

This article is intended for a British audience, particularly youths who are keen travelling,  and could be published on the travel section of The Independent or The Guardian.