Danish EU commissioner in head of digital Europe

Former Danish politician Margrethe Vestager obtains position as Vice-president in the European Union Commision with responsibility for digital development in the region. 

by Emma Sennels

Danish EU politician Margrethe Vestager maintains position as competition Commissioner in the new EU Commission where she will also be leading Vice-President.

For the next five years former Danish Interior Secretary and politician for Danish Social-Liberal party, Vestager will have the overall responsibility for advancing the single European market in the digital age, Ursula von der Leyen explained in a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday.

On Twitter Vestager tweeted saying she is: “Happy for and humbled by the task ahead and looking forward to working with new and well known colleagues in the Commission.” 

The EU Comission is the executive branch of the European Union. Focus areas of the Commision’s work with digital development includes human and ethical consequences of AI along with how big data can be used to create growth.