The Colossal Copenhagen Kebab Comparison

By Cameron Taylor

It almost seems as though every other restaurant in Copenhagen sells kebabs in some form. Here are some of the kebabs you can eat in the Danish capital!

Marrakech Street Food

The cherry tomato is a fun addition!

Located in Gothersgade Street, this place offers the same kebab with a choice of two meats; chicken or lamb. It is rather flavourful with a good emphasise on the meat. However grease can start dripping out towards the end so be sure to use a napkin.

The uniquely shaped and freshly cooked chips are a standout.

Kösk Kebab

This one is perfect for sitting in or taking out. Featuring a strong mix of meat, veg and even mayo, it is sure to fill you up. Despite a short yet noticeable wait, you should defiantly check this one out if you ever visit the Nørrebro area.

A classic tinfoil wrapped kebab.

Shawarma Factory

If you are ever on a long night out in the downtown, Shawarma Factory offers a filling wrap with some very well cooked meat. The veg in here helps to balance the offering to make a perfect meal. The kebabs here are on the spicier side; if you are a spice lover, this is the place to go!

A spice lover’s dream.

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