Is Copenhagen an over-tourism place? Some Danes think that’s not a serious problem.

Bustling streets in Copenhagen are filled with people every weekend. Some Danes think they do not recognise that is a big problem that the heart of the city is clogged with tourists and souvenir shops.

By Alice Wan

When the shuttle bus arrived, a group of Chinese tourists going down and picking up their phones to take pictures in front at the Copenhagen City Hall.
Photo by: Alice Wan

Copenhagen has been put in a list of over-tourism, according to Lonely Planet, which is a website provides travel guides to tourists. However, some Danes think that’s not a problem to them and it does not affect their daily life here.

Mille Lund-Anderson, a Danish, said, “Tourists normally don’t come where we are. We go to the local places while tourists visit city centre and Nyhavn. We are not that affected.” Charlotte Jyde Rasmussen, a Danish friend standing next to her, said that she has read an article about Copenhagen is on the list of over-tourism, but she did not agree with it, because that’s what her friend said.

According to Wonderful Copenhagen, an official tourism organization in Copenhagen, the Danish capital has recorded 74% increase in tourists over the past. It is expected to double by 2030.

Philip hjulmand bovbjerg, 22, a Danish student, I don’t feel it (over-tourism) is such a serious issue. He said that he does not feel crowded in the weekdays, but he found out that some streets are over-populated in the weekend. Now, At the central place of Copenhagen here, he thinks it is fine to him. 

Kayleigh Manson, a USA tourist, said, “I think everybody has been really pleasant. The street is crowded, and it is great for people watching.”

“Almost 90% customers are tourists during the daily basis, but more Danes will come during the Christmas time or summer vocation,” Binod Thapa, shop manager of restaurant in Nyhavn said, “there is a huge difference in the restaurant’s income between peak seasons and normal days.”

He added that Copenhagen is a multi-cultural city, which multi-national people live in Copenhagen, so having many tourists is not a negative thing.

The numbers of Souvenir shop are fine:

In a street of Copenhagen city centre, there are 7 souvenir shops in 150-meter-long street.

Wendy Brown, 59, USA tourist, said that she does not think that there is a lot Souvenir shop in the city center. Lorraine Schulze, 65, USA tourist, said, “it is just enough souvenir stores.”

“They (Souvenir Shops) are allowed to be there, they add some values,” Mille Lund-Anderson added, “If you are visiting someone in another country, you can go in there and find some small Danish things and take with you. Actually I think it is okay.”

Wonderful Copenhagen: It is just a beginning problem in Copenhagen :

Bianca Mercier, Head of Project of Wonderful Copenhagen, said that they do not receive many complains about tourists from Danes, but a few cases about traffic congestion.

She said that there is no relevant policies or regulations to deal with this problem. She added, “It is just a beginning problem. We received less than 10 complains about over-tourism.”

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