The search for non-dairy ice cream in Copenhagen

By Malakai Wade

Ice cream is very popular in Copenhagen. According to Google maps, there are about 60 ice cream parlors in the city. Of these ice cream stores, only a handful are completely dairy-free or vegan, while the rest may have anywhere from none to just a few dairy-free options. According to this article from The Copenhagen Post, Denmark has been ranked number seven in the most vegan-friendly countries in Europe.

For instance, Vaffelbageren, an ice cream parlor in Nyhavn, only has one “vegan” ice cream flavor out of around 30. The popularity of veganism as a dietary choice has risen in the last few years, so it makes sense that these ice cream stores would try to cater toward everyone.

The ice cream parlor, Ismageriet, states that their sorbets are completely dairy-free. On their website they list what type of ingredients they use in their ice creams so as to be transparent about their products.

Many people are unable to digest dairy, so hopefully the ice cream parlours of Copenhagen begin to reflect this.

This article is intended for a local Copenhagen audience.