A perfect country? A look into Danish immigration laws

By Ignacia Baudrand

Migration has been an issue that has defined the public agenda the last few years. The issue has been particularly relevant in the countries that have become the recipients of large migratory waves that have taken place in the last year. 

Denmark is a country that is constantly used as a worldwide example. A country that maintains a positive reputation for its progressive nature and humanitarianism. However, despite what many would think, this Nordic state maintains to have one of the most aggressive and harsh immigration laws in the world.

Some of its most controversial policies have included placing advertsin foreign newspapers warning potential migrants that they are not welcome in this Nordic country. Police have also been authorized to confiscate cashand valuable objects from asylum seekers that arrive at the border to offset the cost of increasing immigration.

For this article, we reached out to the Danish Institute of Human Rights, Immigration Law Office and Homann Law but they declined to comment.