Last year, residents from public housing affected by the new ghetto laws went into demonstration.
Photo: Emma Sejersen

By Mayar Elsharkawy, September 16

Speaking with Mr. Mohamed Aslam on Tuesday, the 10th of September, the chairmen of Mjølnerparken ghetto confirmed that Mjølnerparken residents will hold a protest on the 28th of the same month in the ghetto main street ghetto in order to condemn working with the ghetto laws under the new government.

In order to express their anger about the laws passed by the old government regarding the deportation of the ghetto residents, that are still worked with under the new government, the ghetto residents will gather at 2p.m in the afternoon to demand their rights to stay at their homes.

“It’s extremely frustrating for the Danish children who live in the ghetto and who were born and raised in Denmark to face this kind of discriminative decisions, just because their parents came from non-western countries.” Mr. Aslam said.

The residents of Mjølnerparken have already held several protests before, the last one was in February 2019, but the government never responded to their demands.