The Little Mermaid, A Scam or A Must-Visit Attraction?

By Hanzhang Xu

The Little Mermaid has been nominated for the second-worst tourist attraction in the world by 1 Cover, a well-known travel insurance company, however, many tourists on the scene might not think the same way.

1 Cover argued that the little mermaid is disappointing mainly because of its small size.  People would feel being scammed to come so far to see such a tiny statue, which is always surrounded by countless tourists.

However, the tourists who actually visited there have a different saying.

“It’s the story behind the little mermaid attracts me, not it’s size,” said Natali Linkova, who came from Ukraine and visited Copenhagen the first time.

Linkova said the Little Mermaid was the fairytale throughout her childhood, seeing the statue really touched her.

Lachlan Tolhurst is a 17 years old high school student from Australia. He has visited Copenhagen for 3 times, and for each time, he would come visit the little mermaid.

“I think it’s worth coming because it’s part of the Danish Culture… Christian Andersen inspired so many people,” said Tolhurst.

(Tourists surrounding the little mermaid and taking pictures of her)

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