New weakly demonstration for climate action in the streets of Copenhagen. Every Friday, Operation Climate Action visit a new ministry, this week it was the Ministry of Justice.

By Dorisilda Killo

Operation Climate Action demonstration. Photo by Dorisilda Killo

People of all ages, from elementary school students to pensioners and everyone in between march to get through the government. Common interest to them is the climate issue. They hold red banners with written messages “ The climate is affected by all sectors .”

Operation Climate Action demonstration. Photo by Dorisilda Killo

The strikers are not satisfied with how the government is dealing with the climate case. “ They said (government) they would cut emissions by 70%, but there’s no action yet, only paper and words…there are some big things that must change, and we need to start right now. ” says Amund Lindvang Bentsen, a coordinator of the Operation Climate Action.

Operation Climate Action demonstration. Ministry of Justice.
Photo by Dorisilda Killo

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