Tourism is one of the sectors likely to be hit hardest financially as the virus continues to spread.

By Dorisilda Killo

CPH Lufthavn. Photo by Dorisilda Killo

European tourism has seen a drop off in two phases, firstly as the virus began to take hold in China, limiting the number of travellers from the country, and secondly as the virus has spread around Europe. The fact leads visitors to stay away from impacted areas and governments to cancel events in order to prevent further outbreaks.

“ It’s not really a choice right now, like if you have booked a trip to China within the next two months, you have to cancel it.” says Daniel Møllebjerg, a travel consultant from KILROY travel agency.

Copenhagen Central Station. Photo by Dorisilda Killo

The rapid evolution of the virus has frightened the world.

“ What scares me is the reaction of the world more than the virus. I’m travelling next week but I wouldn’t go to Italy, I wouldn’t go to the places they say not to go, like why do that? Avoid the risk.” says Dima Wadjih, a university student.

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