Danish traditional cuisine is being suffocated by “popular” foods

by Adela Cazan

As the weather starts to improve, the streets of Copenhagen are getting crowded by curious tourists.

As a global effect, some types of food, such as pizza and burgers, gained more popularity among people. The repercussion to that is reflected in the nowadays difficulty of finding traditional Danish food.

Cafe Gammel Torv, Copenhagen
Photo: Adela Cazan

Chef at Cafe Gammel Torv since 2009, Lars Andersen says that “pizza and burgers are all around the place so you have to search a little bit for the better places.” There is no shortage regarding the demand for traditional Danish food “We have a lot of locals, but also tourists in the season. So 80% of our guests are regulars, coming all the time and know what kind of food we have.” 

Thus, famous old recipes are wanted and searched for “It’s not very hard for us, because we do Smørrebrød, Danish sandwiches and we’ve been here for over 100 years. So people know that we are here.” But name and reputation might be decisive factors “for other restaurants can be hard if they don’t have the same history as we have,” says chef Andersen. 

This story is written for an audience in Romania, readers of gândul.ro.