Diversity amongst employees is the norm in the UN City in Copenhagen

More than half of the 1500 people working in the UN City in Copenhagen are women. Additionally, there are more than 100 different nationalities represented amongst the employees. The building in the North Harbor-area of Copenhagen is a hub of diversity. 

By Sofie Bladt

Photo by Harvey Kong

Diversity is paramount in the UN City, which makes for an interesting workplace, says Anne Fønns Bach, communications officer in the UN City

“It is very interesting working with and within so many different cultures every day”

The UN City in Copenhagen house 11 UN organizations and has done so since 2013. These UN Hubs can be found all over the world, but it is quite unique to have such different organizations under one roof.

The female preponderance is contributing to the equality and diversity in the working environment, but it isn’t something that is particularly discussed in the UN City

“There are a lot of women working here, young women as well. But it isn’t something that’s addressed, in my experience – which is actually kind of nice,” says Anne Fønns Bach.

This story is written for an audience in the UK and could be published in the print magazine Delayed Gratification.