Res-Res: The Store that Respects it’s Resources

With the talk of the town being sustainability after Copenhagen Fashion Week late January, smaller fashion stores want to do their part.

By Farrah Walton

(Photo taken by myself)


Res-Res is a store unlike any other. They are passionate about providing sustainable fashion to consumers around the world. 

They are on a mission to educate their consumers on the importance of clothing products being 100% cotton or recycled. The goal is to encourage conscious consumption around the world so that people understand how the clothes they wear affect the environment. 

Lea Kress, the Sustainability Coordinator at Res-Res stated “we want to make products available for conscious consumers around the world”.

She also stated that in the fashion industry, “everyone is talking about sustainability”, This is one of the reasons they provide free repair services on jeans. 

The clothing store depends on the trust of consumers to help them lead by example. They are eager to make themselves distinguishable from other companies to prove that they are trying to make a difference in the global production chain and the fashion industry as a whole.

(This story is written for an audience in Sustainable Fashion And could be published in People Magazine.)