Nordatlantiske Filmdage 2020 brings five cultures together

By Angel Hui

Birgir Thor Møller, Program Director of Nordatlantiske Filmdage 2020 (Photo: Angel Hui)

Nordatlantiske Filmdage 2020 started on 5 March, connecting Denmark, North Atlantic countries and Germany by films.

It is the first time for Denmark to hold a film festival which brings Iceland, Greendland, Faroe Island and most importantly, Germany together as 2020 is the Cultural Friendship Year for the Danes and German. The theme of the film days is ‘The German Connection’ and screening of the films chosen shows how these countries are closely related to each other in the film industry in the past. 

‘Whenever you are doing a film or doing a festival, you are not alone. You are not just one culture or one country. You are part of a bigger world,’ said Birgir Thor Møller, Program Director of the film days. He began selecting films a year ago and it is surprising that Germany indeed deeply influenced Iceland. The birth of Icelandic industry as a German director started the first Icelandic Film Festival there.

Bettina Senff, Head of Goethe-Institut Dänemark, described the event as an in-depth overview of connections between five countries. She believes that the cultural exchange is definitely enhanced because cooperation between countries is a must for the preparation work.

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