Boltens Food Court is going to make a change eventually

By Angel Hui

Boltens Food Court in Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo: Angel Hui)

While food court is usually a good choice for both locals and tourists in Hong Kong, Boltens Food Court is surely not a popular option for the tourists, or even the locals in Copenhagen. Management team of Boltens Food Court is finally making changes after being fiercely criticised. 

Keshau Neupane, Chef of Indian Food (Photo: Angel Hui)

Before the move-in after floor renovation, all food stores have the first meeting with the management team of Boltens Gård eventually discussing operation matters., chef of Indian Food, said that currently more efforts are put to advertising the Boltens Food Court as well as guiding people to get inside the building after the meeting.

Agata Terpinska, an employee of Two Monkeys, also commented that the place is never full due to poor management. ‘I think not many people know this option and most importantly, they cannot find the way to get in,’ said Terpinska. 

Neupane explained that normally any business should be able to gain profits within three months but they are still operating at a loss since April 2019. He is glad to see that the management team finally listen to their opinions and make a change.

Apart from utilising social media for promotion, they also place more people outside the place to lead the way. Furthermore, activities such as handing out free drinks and food are also organised frequently to attract both local and tourists. ‘I hope Boltens Food Court can eventually become a tourist spot’ Neupane added. 

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