World champions celebrated with pancakes

No one passing by the City Hall had time for a comment, or to celebrate the cyclists. Photo by Alberte Beierholm

Danish World champions are celebrated with pancakes at the City Hall in Copenhagen.

By Alberte Beierholm

On March 4. the Danish track cyclists Lasse Norman Hansen, Michael Mørkøv, Rasmus Lund Pedersen, Julius Johansen, and Frederik Rodenberg Madsen arrived in Copenhagen for a celebration at the City Hall. 

“Three world records and World Cup gold are truly impressive performances by Lasse, Rasmus, Julius, and Frederik. A huge congratulation. And huge congratulations to Lasse and Michael on the World Cup triumph in pairs. I look forward to celebrating the riders at Copenhagen City Hall, ”says Mayor Frank Jensen in the press release. 

It’s a Danish tradition that people who become World Champions in a sport discipline come to the city hall of Copenhagen to eat pancakes. Last year the Danish handball team went to Copenhagen to eat pancakes and to meet the crowd. But when the Danish cyclists, went to the City Hall no crowd was there to celebrate them instead people rushed past the city hall. 

The crowd and celebration were small but their victory was big.