Arctic Ambassador: EU should be more involved in the Arctic

Over the last few years, Brexit has been on the lips of everyone in the European Union. Now, the Arctic Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark calls for EU to shift their focus towards the cold North.

By Andreas Friis

Michael Winkler hopes that the European Union will take a bigger interest in the Arctic. Photo: Mandag Morgen

Although the Arctic is unknown territory to many, to the eight countries that holds a part of it, known as A8, the Arctic is an important area for business and security. 

And if eight opinions on what to do with the Arctic wasn’t enough, Arctic Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark Thomas Winkler now want the European Union to become more involved.

“The Kingdom of Denmark would absolutely like the European Union to be more involved in the Arctic region,” says Thomas Winkler and continues.

“The European Union has a great and unexploited potential to have a bigger presence in the Arctic. Of course, there has been something else on the EU’s agenda over the last couple of years, but I do see a big potential in getting the EU more involved.”

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