Countries earmarking donations are leaving the UN’s World Food Programme with only 6% of the budget free to use

UN’s World Food Programme, based only on funding, had a budget of 7.4 billion USD in 2018. Only 6% of this was non-earmarked funding this makes it difficult for the World Food Programme to prioritize where to put the money, even though they have the expertise.

By: Magne Kaae

The World Food Programme only goal is to end hunger and famine, not a simple task in any way. A budget saying 7.4 billion USD is not bad especially not when it is only made by donations. But there is just one thing nagging, only 6% of the 7.4 billion is free to use for the WFP.

“Flexible contributions are crucial for reaching people when and where the needs are greatest. With flexible funding, WFP can efficiently and effectively start operations, fund neglected crises and ultimately enhance our response to those most in need.” Says Anna Eriksen from the World Food Programme.


The Scandinavian countries are in the lead when it comes to flexible funding, the USA is the biggest contributor to the total amount.