Copenhagen leads the way in coastal management

With the upcoming addition of a giant manmade island in the Northern part of the port of Copenhagen, the Danish capital looking to combine urban development with coastal management.
By Andreas Würtz Adamsen

In Copenhagen, there are big plans for the future. The city is in dire need of both more housing and better coastal management, with rising water levels among the main concerns as a potential consequence of climate change.

With the daring project of Lynetteholmen, Copenhagen is now looking to kill two birds with one stone. Lynetteholmen will be a massive manmade island in the Northern part of the capital’s harbour, where it will not only provide much-needed space for additional housing but also shield the city from potential flooding.

The project is set to start construction in 2035 with completion by 2070 and should provide housing for up to 35,000 people. The soil for the island will be provided from other infrastructure projects in the city, notably the construction of new metro lines and highway projects.

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