A food label with an ambitious goal

Student examines the label in Copenhagen’s City centre on Mar. 5, 2020. Taken by Caroline Kleine-Besten

By Caroline Kleine-Besten

Just over a year ago, the “Too good to go” initiative from Copenhagen introduced a new label to declare food as “often good for longer” after the expiry date. However, the actual success is unclear.

With the label, Mette Lykke, CEO of “Too good to go”, set herself an ambitious goal: The initiative is intended to help bring us closer to the global UN goal 12.3 of halving food waste by 2030. Companies such as Arla, Unilever and coop are proud of their involvement in the project in Denmark.

However, a short, non-representative survey about the label on a milk carton in Copenhagen shows that even after one year, the effect of the label should not be overestimated. One of the passers-by made a clear statement:

“The label means the same thing as the sell-by date. After the date, the milk is simply no longer drinkable. None of the Danes would still use the milk after the best-before date despite the label”. 

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