Restaurant wine thefts could be inside jobs

Two Copenhagen restaurants have thousands of dollars-worth of wine stolen overnight, whilst police investigate several leads following the robberies.

By Lily Burris

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In the last week of February, Copenhagen restaurants Formel B and Sushi Anaba had wine stolen from their cellars by thieves that appear to know what they’re doing.

Sushi Anaba owner Mads Battefeld describes the situation as “really, really annoying” for the business.

Due to the small size of the restaurant, the wine cellar is in a separate location, he explains.

Battefeld thinks that the thieves may be involved in the restaurant industry themselves, as they appeared to know what they were looking for in the cellar.

In his view, they selected some “weird” bottles to steal.

“It’s very clear they know a little about wine”, Battefeld says.

Battefeld now plans to install more locks and video cameras to the wine cellar, whilst continuing to try and keep its location a secret.

Police in Copenhagen are exploring possible leads but declined to comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

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