Coronavirus sets students back

During the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, students who choose to study abroad are having to return home.

By Lily Burris

Photo by Lily Burris

At the University of Copenhagen, the campus is littered with signs about what to do in the face of coronavirus. Denmark’s relatively low number of cases keeps it on everyone’s minds without controlling all situations.

Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has reached almost every continent and continues to spread in many countries. While much of the world is being impacted by this outbreak, some college students are facing a different struggle from this outbreak.

The University of Copenhagen is pushing preventative measures across its campus with signs that promote hand washing and being aware of if you’ve been in contact with someone at risk.

Rasmus Engelbrecht, a Danish School of Media and Journalism student, had planned to spend the semester studying at Hong Kong University, but decided to leave after the second month of classes were cancelled. He left Hong Kong, returned to Denmark and is currently hiking in Spain for the semester. This will set Engelbrecht back one semester for graduation, but he hopes to return in September.

“I don’t think anybody was too excited about doing online classes for a whole semester”, says Engelbrecht.

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