Sustainable tourism in Denmark to follow Copenhagen’s lead

By Vanessa Balintec

Foreign bed nights in 28.8 million bed nights in 2019. Taken on Mar. 3, 2020, by Vanessa Balintec.

Copenhagen is renowned for their efforts in promoting sustainable tourism. After the success of their green checklists for hosts and for tourists, other destination spots around the country are looking to implement sustainable guidelines of their own.

“There has been a reform within Danish tourism, where about 80, 85 local destinations have downsized to about 17, 18 larger destinations to create more competent models for development,” said Anders Rosbo, corporate consultant at VisitDenmark. “Copenhagen is at the forefront with the sustainable guidelines, so many of the other destinations, they need to do the same.”

With close to 28 million tourists to Denmark each year in a 100 billion plus Danish kroner industry, sustainable tourism strategies will play a role in the new climate action plan the leading government has started, calling for 70 per cent cut in emissions below 1990 level by 2030.

New tourist destinations will emerge by end of 2020. Source: Anders Rosbo, VisitDenmark