A new sustainable lifestyle: container living

CPH Village, founded in 2015, works to promote micro-living within student communities. Taken Mar. 6, 2020, by Vanessa Balintec.

By Vanessa Balintec

Away from downtown Copenhagen, the old industrial area Refshaleøen is known as a sparse land of potential. Here, solutions to the housing crisis are found in the form of shipping containers.

CPH Village is working to promote sustainable living for students through small living spaces that promote multi-functionality and conservation of space. Working together with policy makers and student organizations, the company plans to expand throughout Copenhagen.

“If you leave a city alone in a high-growth stage, it will become super expensive for normal people living in the city,” said head of operations of CPH Village Åsmund Hogstad. “The projection is that we’re lacking about 20,000 student homes. There are 20,000 students who aren’t covered by the student friendly market. They are facing the regular rental market, which has increased by insane percentages these past years.”

With 164 homes in the area, a new container community is to open in Vesterbro this summer, working towards their goal of 2500 total container living areas in the next three years.