Danish Pant System using deposit has contributed recycling bottles and cans

Solee Im, 09.03.2020

Danish Pant System is running by ABC deposit system. It is paying the surcharge for the bottle and get paid back of it when you return the bottles to the supermarket of vending machine. Different amounts are refunded for ‘Pant A’, ‘Pant B’ and ‘Pant C’ (Pant A is DKK 1.00, Pant B is DKK 1.50, Pant C is DKK 3.00). Bottles and cans with a deposit mark are one-way packaging that can be recycled, melted and turned into new bottles and cans.

124 billion of bottles and cans are returned according to the Dansk Retursystem. And more than 144,000 tons of CO2 are saved with recycling the bottle and cans.

“I think Pant System in Denmark is quite successful. We have very high collection of bottles and cans, and many companies know this pant system and they feel responsible for collecting and recycling bottles and cans.”, said communication manager at Dansk Retursystem.

However, there are still some problems to be fixed. Juice bottles are not applied to the Pant System, so it goes into the trash can instead of the Pant vending machine. Some also point out that the vending machine is being neglected, and they have faced inconvenience in using it.

“The pant machines are often full or non-functioning. This means that even if you take time out of your day to return it and get your money back, you might have to go home empty handed. It is quite unmotivating-especially if you were planning on using the money at the same time.”, said Sara Sofia Benzarti, a student who lives in Copenhagen.

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