Free car areas and less parking spaces would give Copenhageners cleaner air

Solee Im, 09.03.2020

Copenhagen commune, on 27th February, announced that they will extend the free-car areas and amended the law about the restriction on parking spaces below 30 percent of the building.

The amount of parking spaces required for new housing development in the city center had to be 1 parking space for every 250m2 of of housing floor area. However, on the 27th of February 2020, the City Council adopted the Copenhagen Municipal Plan 2019 with some amendments to the original proposal. The minimum requirement for the number of parking spaces is now reduced by 30 percent. This means that in new housing development in the city center, there now needs to be 1 parking space for every 357m2 of floor area.

“Our aim with the new parking standards is to reduce CO2 neutral city in 2025. We are also hoping that the new measures will give Copenhageners cleaner air.”, said Esther Penthien, administration center for Urban Development.

“We also have decided that entirely or partially car-free areas should be established in ‘urban development areas’ such as Nordhavn and Godsbaneterrænet.”

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