Experts talked about making cities affordable and liveable

Dortheavej housing in northwest city area Nørrebro offers 66 apartments at a reasonable price. At the same time, it doesn’t break the public space and the pedestrian zones (Photo: Dominik Patzner)

By Dominik Patzner

As sustainable urbanization becomes more complicated for many European cities, Copenhagen hosted an affordable housing summit. International Federation for Housing and Planning invited acclaimed architects and urban developers to discuss the housing topic on September 10.

Jan Gehl, a Danish architect, concluded that the issue arises from having too much space for too many people in some areas. That applies even to Copenhagen.

“Architecture is a relationship between life and form. The form itself is only a sculpture,” Gehl described.

Cities may find the solution at better education of architects and in dialogue with developers. According to Jens K. Mikkelsen, Director of Urban Development in NREP developer company, the goal is to have 20–25 percent of social housing in the development areas.

“Developers are aware of the issue, they know that they have to provide affordable housing or people will leave the city,” he added.

They both agreed that Copenhagen is, still, a good example of a liveable city – it offers a dense infrastructure for bikers and pedestrians.

Due to anti-epidemic restrictions, only a limited number of people could have come to the Danish Architecture Centre. For the others, the event was streamed online (Photo: Dominik Patzner)