Tietgenkollegiet offers a unique living experience

The residence hall in Copenhagen is inspired by the style of housing in southwestern China.

By Hana Grohová

According to Lundgaard & Tranberg, Tietgenkollegiet was built for an ambitious developer who wanted to rethink and develop the dormitory as a form of housing. Photo: Hana Grohová

The Tietgen Residence Hall (Tietgenkollegiet) is an award-winning dormitory designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects. It provides living for 400 students on limited budgets. It was constructed in the years 2003–2006.

The dormitory is situated in Ørestad Nord in Copenhagen, formed in a round shape with a dynamic facade made out of high-quality materials.

According to Jen Masengarb, senior project manager in the Danish Architecture Center, Tietgenkollegiet was built in the style of housing in southwestern China. It was designed to make a community. “If you think about the experience of coming as a university student, you’re leaving your home, coming to a new city, trying to feel connected,” Ms Masengarb described.

“I think it’s the most beautiful dormitory I have ever seen,” Jen Masengarb said. Photo: Hana Grohová

And that is also what the residents of Tiegenkollegiet appreciate. “I enjoy living with other people. I think it’s amazing. Of course, it requires you to be able to be with others all the time. But I think the community is sort of unique,” Frederik, a student of law at Copenhagen University said.

“We have facilities here, we have basically everything we want and we are only paying slightly more than the others,” Frederik said. Photo: Hana Grohová