Sex shop owners in Copenhagen almost did not notice the pandemic

In the spring, during the coronavirus outbreak, restaurants, shopping centers, beauty salons and other companies that provide a variety of services began to close around the world. However, sex shops in Copenhagen continued to work offline even in such difficult times and received no less profit than in previous years.

by Alena Rodicheva

Photo by Alena Rodcheva

According to Marlene, the owner of one of the sex shops in the center of the Danish capital, at first her shop had difficulties due to the outflow of tourists, especially from China, but then the demand among local residents began to grow sharply.

“Both single people and couples began to look for new ways to have fun during the period of self-isolation, so we did not think about closing the shop. We just reduced the number of working hours per day. Now the situation is back to normal. I did not notice much difference in demand compared to previous years. But it is funny that a lot of people are now buying nurse costumes, ” says Marlene.

Worldwide, the COVID-19 outbreak has had a stimulating effect on people’s sex lives. According to, only in March the sex toys brand Womanizer reported an increase in sales by more than 50%. In the US and Italy, the company sold 60% more products than it had forecast. Experts see the reasons for the increased interest in sex toys in self-isolation: people wanted to find new activities staying home alone or with close people for a long time.