One price, thousands of items

There is a store in Copenhagen which offers CDs, vinyl records, videogame, DVDs and Blu-ray films at a fixed price.

by Marta de Assis

Accord Lagerudsalg is located in Skindergade 14, in the heart of Copenhagen. Photo: Marta de Assis

The store Accord presents four locations, and it deals primarily with second-hand goods.

On the first day of each month, new goods arrive at the stores. The price is then fixed and drops every day. At the end of the month each vinyl, CD or movie costs around 15kr and 10kr, but the probability of finding a good record is little.

Besides CDs and vinyl records, Accord also offers a large selection of DVD and Blu-ray films and series. Photo: Marta de Assis 
You can listen to the records at the store. Photo: Marta de Assis

After the massification of music download and the emergence of streaming platforms like YouTube or Spotify, CD´s sales dropped significantly.

However, the decline of the CD´s sales did not affect Accord as much as in other stores. There are still CDs fans out there: Surprisingly, many people come here to buy CD´s because we are one of the few shops left selling CD’s. It’s hard to find. There are a lot of vinyl stores in Copenhagen”, states Palle Demant, employee of the store.

According to Pelle, recently a lot of young people go to the store looking for music from their parents’ generation, especially Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones or David Bowie, for example. “It’s mostly people looking for «parents rock» because I think, at least for young people in Denmark, it is starting to get a bit popular, which is kinda funny”.

This story is written for record collectors and music lovers.