“Denmark is not as green as it seems”

With the government being one of the first ones to put a tax on plastic bags and supermarkets offering the possibility to buy reusable bags to collect your loose vegetables, Denmark is often seen as a sustainable country. But Frederic Hamburger from Løs Market contradicts this: “Denmark is definitely not as ‘green’ as it seems. CO2 emissions are among the highest of Europe.”

By Renske Van Hoof

Løs Market is the first zero-waste supermarket in the centre of Copenhagen. They offer a variety of goods, from fruit and vegetables to different pastas to soap bars.

Not one product is packed in plastic. Costumers are supposed to bring their own boxes and bags. They simply fill them up with the things they would like to buy and pay according to the weight.

“This is the only packaging free shop in Copenhagen”, says Frederic Hamburger, owner of Løs Market, “Denmark might have a reputation of being sustainable, probably because of all the wind turbines, but they are not. Danes still eat a lot of meat, which produces massive amounts of CO2.”

A variety of herbs, price is indicated per 100 grams.
Take as many garlic cloves as you need.
Mix ‘n match.
Also beauty products can be found here.
Not one product is packed in plastic.