Housing speculation: “The best way to rob the youth”

Prices of rent and properties in Copenhagen are rising. Enhedslisten leaves municipality budget negotiations for fear of driving the prices further up.

By Amanda Frisk and Katrine Petersen

In large cities all over the world big housing speculation of large companies are making it difficult for middle to lower-income citizens to find decent places to live. And Copehagen is no exception. The prices of rental properties in Denmark have tripled since 1989.

Last Monday the party Enhedslisten left the budget negotiations at Copenhagen City Council because of disagreements about an artificial island and the road set to go over the island. Gorm Anker Gunnarsen from Enhedslisten criticized the financing of the island, saying that the road will be paid for by selling the properties on the island. They will be sold to pension funds, who, Gorm Anker Gunnarsen believes, will try to drive up the prices.

“The ordinary Copenhagener, who doesn’t have the highest salary, is going to have to move out of Copenhagen,” says Gorm Anker Gunnarsen.