Copenhagen’s way to zero: Parking, bikes and roads

Copenhagen wants to be the first carbon neutral capital, and next year’s budget is the stepping stone. But a local politician requests more data about a new road project.

By Amanda Frisk and Katrine Petersen

Gorm represents Enhedslisten. Photo: Katrine Petersen

Copenhagen wants to be the first CO2-neutral capital in the world, and they want to achieve it by 2025. The first step towards this has been manifested in the budget negotiations last Monday.

They will do it by providing free parking for electrical cars. They are investing 100 mio. dkk in new bike lanes and safer school roads and have reserved 228 mio. dkk to finance climate and traffic solutions.

During the negotiations they talked about building new roads and tunnels. The parties Alternativet and Enhedslisten left the negotiations because of lack of data concerning the CO2 generation of this project. 

“They are starting a project that will emit a huge amount of CO2 when constructing and will lead to more cars in the capital when it’s done,” says Gorm Anker Gunnarsen from Enhedslisten.