Food Sharing against Food Waste

Katrine looks after the entry at the weekly food sharing event here at Christianhavns Beboerhus.

In Copenhagen, volunteers demonstrate a way to save resources in response to food waste.

by Leonie Fischer and Nicoline Noe

August 22, 2020 – this is, according to the Global Footprint Network, the Earth Overshoot Day this year. It is being calculated that the day the resource consumption Denmark can be covered by the available resources is the 28th of March. Denmark seems to be living beyond its resources.

Food Sharing Copenhagen tries to increase the awareness of the value of food. The project, which was founded by German activists among others, has made it its mission to save and distribute food from the grocery stores that would have been thrown away.

“It just breaks my heart how much food would have thrown away if we weren’t here,” reports the volunteer Katrine. Not only the needy, but also students and families come here. “It is about food that can be eaten, but cannot be sold” she states.

10 volunteers from all over the world are present today and hand out potatoes, beans and fruits – equipped with a face mask, hand disinfectant and distance.

“We hope it will grow!” says Katrine as she opens the door. You can see the smile under the mask.

Insight into the Food Sharing event 07.09.2020)