„The new law is an achievement, but it’s not enough.”

Lisbeth Jessen, CEO of the DANNER organization played a major role in the drafting of the new law classifying sex without explicit consent as rape.

by Leonie Fischer

Lisbeth Jessen at the office of DANNER in Copenhagen

Decades of experience as a police officer and four years as the director of the feminist organization DANNER have endowed Lisbeth with a deep knowledge of law and the prevailing injustice.

She became part of the panel that was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to help improve the legal system. So far, rape has only been classified as rape if there was physical violence – so the victim had to fight back. “But 70% of them will freeze. And the law didn’t know that. ” The law is a change of perspective – the focus is now more on the perpetrator.

The shadow of the women’s rights symbol on the floor of the great hall where training takes place.

“It’s the first step. The next step would be education. ” states Lisbeth. Regular training courses with police officers are already taking place in the large hall in DANNER’s main building. Not only is the law not always in the interests of the victims, but it is a problem of the society she explains.

One thing is certain for Lisbeth: the law has sparked a long overdue debate (see skeptical opinion of legal experts here). She will continue to work to bring justice to women.