“Lop gun”: about running a small business during the pandemic

by Ashanté Ford & Isabell Gielisch

The shop of Beinta av Reyni called “Lop Gun” definitely catches the eye of every pedestrian, who walks along Vesterbrogade in the hip Copenhagen district Vesterbro. The store window is packed with vintage interior and invites you to find one or the other treasure.

The store windows of “Lop Gun”

Beintas shop is packed with small and big vintage treasures from the floor up to the ceiling and welcomes you to spend hours browsing around. Anything from earrings to candle holders, clothes, or interior can be found there. Lop Gun is a place, that invites to linger. 

a concept that’s becoming more popular

Its concept is similar to a flea market: People can offer their stuff at Lop Gun by renting a shelf. In return, they will get the purchase price minus a 15 percent commission. That’s also where the shop’s name comes from: “Lop” is short for the danish word “loppemarked” which means fleamarket. 

Emilia, a customer explains that it’s her second time in the store and she liked it so well, that she came back. She loves the concept as you can always discover something new – this time she was lucky and found a golden mirror for her apartment.  


However the concept isn’t new – it has become quite popular within the Nordic countries during the last years reports Beintas husband, who is also working at the shop. Apart from that also one of their daughters, a cousin and a close friend of the family is working there – the family is really keeping together – especially in such difficult times like the lockdown. Also, Lop Gun was just opened on 9th June 2019 – hardly half a year before the Corona pandemic emerged. But Mr av Reyni remains optimistic: “Usually it takes 4 to 5 years until a shop is known and running well – but so far it’s going really well and people adopt the concept.” 

limits and possibilities linked to the pandemic

“Of course these aren’t easy times to run a business”, he adds. “But we were within the first shops to open up again because of the small size. Also, a lot of people who usually go to flea markets come to our shop instead”. He is optimistic that more people might take notice of Lop Gun because of these reasons.

 photo credit: Isabell Gielisch 

Target audience: anyone interested in fashion and second-hand shopping in Copenhagen/Denmark.

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