In ‘Brøndby Garden City’, people get away from the Copenhagen hustle and bustle

Just a short drive from Copenhagen, you can find a very different atmosphere at ‘Brøndby Haveby’. I talked to one of the residents, who is also the head of the local committee.

By Nina Schaumann

Situated in between three major highways, and only a short drive from the center of Copenhagen, people find peace and quiet with their allotment. ‘Brøndby Haveby’ or ‘Garden City’ is famous for their cake-shaped housing, but not every house is like that, two-thirds of the allotments are places like any ordinary housing area, square and ordinary.

Brøndby Garden City was founded back in the 60’s, and now there are 7 areas. Here is shown just one. Photo: Wikipedia.

Meeting up with the head of the local committee, Kirsten Hornbæk, she invites me in, having prepared coffee and biscuits. She is responsible for area 7, the last of the bunch. She tells me, how she bought her allotment from her mom back in the 90’s. Shortly after, her mom got a new boyfriend, and they ended up buying the house next door.

She explains that people from all walks of life decide to buy a small lot of land out here. They buy the house, which needs to be sold by the previous owner and the sale approved by the committee and then rent the land for about 600,- a month. Just last month, she sold a place to a young couple in their 20’s. Back in the days, allotments were a place for people to grow fruits and vegetables, but now it’s become a place where people can relax.

Kirsten Hornbæk expresses a hope to be able to host bingo night and other activities like they used to pre-corona. Normally, you can only stay in your allotment from May till October, but during, that window has been extended, and people have used that opportunity to stay there more.

(Own photos will be uploaded later, my camera doesn’t want to cooperate (Pictures of Kirsten and her allotment))

This story is for international people, I could imagine it in a smaller newspaper, something like Vice.

Sources: Kirsten Hornbæk, resident at Brøndby Haveby and head of local comittee