Continuance closure of bars brought forth alcohol delivery small business

By Saashmitta Norah Oyen, Danai Konstantopoulou and Jana Mahmoud

22nd March, 11:45am

Running out of alcohol during your covid safe parties? Local small business, MixnDrink is the solution.

“We set up our website, storage and we were ready for deliveries,” said Bogh

Photo by Jana Mahmoud

A group of inventive marketing management students in Aarhus, Denmark launched their small business ‘MixnDrink’. Ranging from alcohol packages, singular liquor bottles and mixers can be delivered right to your door stop. 

Their motive is to provide delivery of alcohol readily available across Aarhus just as other thriving takeaway businesses. The concept behind the local business stems from the pestering problem of running out of alcohol during house parties and the absence of an alcohol delivery service. Each kit comes with a recipe guide to create a palatable cocktail. 

Co-owner Simon Bogh shared “We hope that the pandemic will stabilize in the summer, because we see a lot of business opportunities then. For example we’ve purchased biodegradable plastic cups so our customers can get their packages delivered right to the beach without worrying about the environment.”

“Our kit comes with ice cubes too.” said Bogh

 Photo by: Mix n’ Drink on Facebook  

This article is written for the audience in across Denmark and could be published on The Local Denmark .