An Eco-Friendly Hunt for Trolls – People’s escape in Copenhagen

By Jana Mahmoud, Saashmitta Norah Oyen, Danai Konstantopoulou

22.03.2021 11:48 am

Green George – A message for people to save the environment “The world is in our hands”. Image by: Jana Mahmoud

Copenhagen-based visual artist, Thomas Dambo creates playful giants out of recycled materials such as wood, inspiring people to think of trash as a resource.

After the outbreak of Covid19, Dambo and his team created something unique for people, specifically Danes.

According to his latest press release, Dambo created a nationwide exhibition named “Den kæmpestore trolde folkefest” meaning “The Giant Troll-Folk-Fest,” a story about humans and nature coming together, told through 10 sculptures.

The location of each sculpture was kept secret. Dambo created a webpage, with green crosses on the locations for clues, helping seekers find the giant trolls hidden throughout the country.

Green George, one of the sculptures located in Christiania, “was built to remind people of their importance in shaping the environment”, according to Alexa Piekarski, Dambo’s assistant.

As an advocate for recycling, Dambo believes that people should not throw the world out, but must help their environment survive.

Thomas Dambo’s Work of Art – Copenhagen

This is written for an audience all over the world because it is linked to a worldwide issue, saving the environment in creative ways.


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