In line for a new life

by Catalina Pérez

People waiting for some food Photo: Catalina Pérez.

Copenhagen. Copenhagen was a popular city for fantastic buildings, sustainability, expensive coffees, nightlife and good drinking. But like the rest of the world, the city had to adapt to the pandemic. After a restrictive period, shops are open again and the “waiting lines” are the new thing in the capital of Denmark.

Thomas and Carl-Emil waited for some coffee Photo: Catalina Pérez.

Almost every shop was closed until two weeks ago. Now, Strøget, the longest shopping street in Copenhagen and Europe, is a bittersweet image of the reality of the city in the pandemic. People smile after leaving a store, relieved because now they can take their masks off. Others walk in a hurry, maintaining the social distance with everyone even though that is a difficult task. The street regains the rhythm of before Covid-19 except for a new feature: lines in front of the shops. 

Waiting for a little normality

Thomas and Carl-Emil are friends. Their plan was to return some clothes, but they stopped to buy some coffee. They are waiting to receive their order. “There is no life in the city,” said Thomas while Car-Emil nods. Both students miss the nightlife of the city. Together, they have tried to find new ways to have fun.

Thomas and Carl-Emil talking about their time during lockdown.

“We wouldn’t go out just for coffee,” said Carl-Emil laughing. The expensive coffee is one of the most surprising features of Copenhagen and for some of the citizens of the capital, is a must. 

Melissa Damkjoer, who was waiting to enter to a Louis Vuitton shop, explain the importance of coffee for some citizens of Copenhagen.

Patience needed  

Being able to try clothes on was a motivation for Diana, a student of Master of Odontology, who is waiting to enter the retail shop of Zara after months of only buying from their website. “I skip the lines a lot, but today we agreed that we are going to stay in line because we just want to shop,” said Diana.

Diana talking about her time during lockdown.