Will Lynetteholm help Copenhagen to adjust its housing price?

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Will Lynetteholm help Copenhagen to adjust its housing price?

Rasmus Fregerslev&Yunjung Shim

Picture1_ the place where Lynetteholm will be built.

The point is whether a new island can give more opportunities to the people who are looking for the house at an “affordable price”.  David Jaroaszek, a real estate agent(Home Nordvest-Emdrup), said it’s hardly feasible. 

Picture2_ Apartments located near Amager park have high vacancy rates because of the high evaluated price. (According to Gorm Anker Gunnarsen, a member of local parliament) 

When we consider the ‘Nordhavn’, another artificial land city constructed for housing, is formed with a higher price than the other parts under the title of “new” city. 

Picture3_ City developing construction site in Nordhavn

Even if the government planned to build 25% of the public homes, he was concerned about the financial burden to the government which would never be light. Otherwise, the adjustment to price is still practically unsure. The real estate agency also admits the speculation by the big corporations contributes to the rising up prices of Copenhagen, suggesting the enforcement of tax regulation to ownership of the house.

To achieve Lynetteholm’s housing supply plan, a more sophisticated way of regulation and tax system seems to be required.

What would be the other way to offer housings?


Comparison of Housing price in Copenhagen


This is written for an audience in South Korea, where the housing issue is a very hot potato and could be published on Korean economic daily news.