Falafel grows increasingly popular in Norrebro

By Nikolai F. Rasmussen

The Norrebro district in Copenhagen is home to some of the best middle eastern cuisine in the country. Over the years the shawarma, pizza and burger has seen growing popularity in Norrebro, but the falafel sandwich is growing in popularity, and is a more healthy alternative to its cousin – the shawarma.

The falafel originates from Egypt, and is very popular in and around the Middle Eastern region. So it is not a coincidence, that it has become very popular in the Norrebro district – Norrebro where around 17% of the population originates from foreign countries, and it is probably the most diverse district in Copenhagen.

With the growing popularity of the falafel, we went on a tasting-tour to find the best falafel sandwich:

  1. Durum Bar – WINNER
Photo: Nikolai F. Rasmussen

Durum Bar came home with the win, as their homemade sandwich bread embraced a delicious and spicy falafel with plenty of greens and red cabbage.

2. Kösem

Photo: Nikolai F. Rasmussen

Kösem takes the second place, as it lacked a bit in taste compared to Durum Bars falafel

3. Kösk Kebab

Photo: Nikolai F. Rasmussen

Far behind in third places is Kösk – whose sandwich lacked a homemade bread and overall taste in the falafel