Newly established clinic survives the pandemic through Instagram

Despite a threatening start, Instagram has given clinic owner Sofie Felsgaard hope for a brighter future because of huge support online.

La Peau Clinic Photo by Olivia Yderholm

By Olivia Yderholm

Just outside central Copenhagen is an older shopping street called Amagerbrogade with lots of small, local shops. Before the pandemic, the shops made a good living from the pulse of the city and the local visits, but during corona, they have been forced to shut down. This has forced the owners to think in a new direction:

“Now that I am not allowed to be physically in my clinic, I have spent all my time building up a solid Instagram profile and finding customers through it,” Sofie Felsgaard, owner of La Peau Skincare Clinic explains. 

During the corona crisis, social media has in many ways gained a role as ‘a link’ between people. We meet for online teaching or dining and participate in online live events. The complete or partial shutdown has meant that the average consumption of social media has increased significantly. According to a survey conducted by GroupM and Mindshare, Danes’ online activity has risen by 23%. This has created great opportunities for small businesses: 

“Through Instagram, I have gained income by selling products, increased by videos where I show how my products should be used. I have gained almost 600 followers since November last year, and the support online has made me less uncertain for the future after corona” Sofie Felsgaard says. 

La Peau Clinic Photo by Olivia Yderholm