The colours of pride and their symbols are the norm in Copenhagen. In Kristkirken at Vesterbro they claim and praise the movement.

Written by Daniel Tidemann

Denmark was the 12th country of the world to legalize same-sex marriages. This happened back in 2021 when the Danish Parliament passed the law with a great majority of the votes.

In the same period, the pride-movement started to get a footing in Denmark and at a pride march back in 2012, Kristkirken at Vesterbro decided to paint their benches with the colours of Pride says Mette Gramstrup, priest at Kristkirken:

“Our church decided that we wanted to send a positive signal about harmony and diversity so therefore we painted our benches. We don’t care about people’s gender. We marry whoever loves each other”.

Ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse.
The decoration of Kristkirken at Vesterbro is different to the most churches in Denmark. Photo: Daniel Tidemann

Mette Gramstrup also states that the principle of diversity and harmony is the hegemonic view on pride amongst the churches of Copenhagen, although there are a few exceptions.

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