“Equality, no less” Women’s Rebellion protested for equal pay on women’s day

One of the speakers emphazing the importance of equal pay.

by Kyeonghwa Yang

Numbers of activists from Women’s Rebellion and citizens participated in the protest at the city hall square in Copenhagen on the 8th of March 2022 for women’s work rights: respect for their professions and better working conditions.

Protestors chanted, “We work together to demand. Better working conditions, higher basic pay and equal pay now. The public health, care and education centre need to be upgraded.”

The protest was initiated by a huge Danish nurses’ strike for a larger pay rise to reduce the pay gap between nurses and other comparable jobs such as school teachers in the summer of last year. After the participants gathered as a group to support the nurses, they organized Women’s rebellion and its first protest in three different cities including Copenhagen on women’s day.

The organizer of the protest, Katrine Louise Vilien said, “This is just the beginning. I Will keep fighting for equal Pay for women.”