Danish journalists stands behind Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been going on for 18 days and shows that this is a very extraordinary conflict. According to the Ukrainian authorities, more civilians are dying there than soldiers. Russia’s complete violation of the Geneva Conventions also affects journalists, who are already reporting several injuries and, after Sunday, the first death.

Echoes of the war have even reached Copenhagen, where the Danish Union of Journalists (DJ) has its headquarters: “DJ has a strong focus on the war in Ukraine, and we are very concerned about the development in the country. Both – about the Ukrainian people – including the Ukrainian journalists and media. And about to the Danish journalists currently working in Ukraine and the war in Ukraine,” told us political consultant of the organization Hans Jørgen Dybro.

He also mentioned that DJ is working with EFJ (European Federation of Journalists) on this: “We try to help anyone who wants our help. We, of course, help Ukrainian but even Russian journalist,” agrees Mogens B. Bjerregård, current president of EFJ.

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by Maren Krämer and Stanislav Hodina