The 2023 World Capital of Architecture title brings a new event called Open House to Copenhagen

By Ruben McCarthy

Nyhavn – a colourful waterfront that is one of the most well-known architectural landmarks of Copenhagen.  Photo: Caelan Monkman

Copenhagen is now the 2023 World Capital of Architecture, a title previously held by Rio de Janeiro. The Danish Architecture Center is the main partner for the official program and will be the central hub for a variety of events coming up in the next few months.

A free sold-out event called Open House will premiere on the last weekend of March. The public are encouraged to get up close and personal with Copenhagen’s architecture and to discover the concealed stories within the city’s walls.

Over 40 buildings will be part of the program, including DR Koncerthuset, Danmarks National Bank, and the Swedish Ambassador’s Residence.

The Danish Architecture Center – a cultural museum and exhibition space, lying on Copenhagen’s harbour. Photo: Caelan Monkman

“Architecture is becoming a subject of interest for many people and I think we are also getting a demand in time – not just in Denmark, but globally as people start to realise how big impact architecture has on our lives”, says Mia Heil Rasmussen, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Danish Centre of Architecture.

“We often get remarks or the question ­– ‘Why is everything so well designed in Copenhagen?’ And if you ask Danes about that, many of them don’t even realise that is the case because they are almost complacent about it”, added Rasmussen.